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Mas Que Nada

1963 Jorge Ben

Mas, que Nada!” is a song written and originally recorded in 1963 by Jorge Ben on his debut album Samba Esquema Novo, which was covered in 1966 by Sérgio Mendes, becoming one of the latter’s signature songs. It was voted by the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone as the fifth greatest Brazilian song. It was inducted to the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013.

This samba
Which is mixed from Maracatu
It’s samba de Preto Velho
Samba de Preto to
But that nothing
A samba like this so cool
You don’t want to
May I come at the end
Oh, ariá, raiô
Obá, obá, obá
Oh, ariá, raiô
Obá, obá, obá

Favorite Recordings

Sergio Mendes with Black Eyed Peas
Tamba Trio
Dizzy Gillespie
Jorge Ben