Parodies, puns and assorted doodles inspired by favored tunes

Lush Life

Billy Strayhorn c. 1933 First performed in 1948
(ranked #36 on

I used to visit all the very gay places,
Those come-what-may places,
Where one relaxes on the axis,
Of the wheel of life,
To get the feel of life,
From jazz and cocktails.

Then you came along,
With your siren song,
To tempt me to madness.
I thought for awhile,
That your poignant smile,
Was tinged with the sadness,
Of a great love for me.
I guess (Ah, yes,) I was wrong.

I’ll live a lush life,
In some small dive.
And there I’ll be,
While I rot with the rest,
Of those whose lives are lonely, too.

Favorite Recordings

John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
Joe Henderson & Herbie Hancock
Chet Baker
Sammy Davis Jr.
Joe Locke
Oscar Peterson with Ella Fitzgerald