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1953 Duke Jordan
Instrumental jazz standard.
Lyrics were added and recorded by Karrin Allison

Lyrics by Karrin Allison
I told you once before, my friend Jordu,
this is the kind of thing I love to do,
so if you say you really want me to,
I’ll play for you
I use to dream of
playing jazz all night,
so if you ask me nice,
well I just might,
pick up my microphone and sing for you,
only for you
Jazz is a way to get lost,
along the way (and) to work
out our cares and woe,
If you close your eyes
you will soon realize,
that life’s lesson is to let go

And so my friend you can plainly see,

this is the kind of
thing that is for me,
as long as we can play in harmony,
life is a groove.

Favorite Recordings

Clifford Brown and Max Roach
Karrin Allison
Duke Jordan
Stan Getz and Chet Baker