Parodies, puns and assorted doodles inspired by favored tunes

Donkey Serenade

1937 Composed by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart
Lyrics by Bob Wright and Chet Forrest (Featured in the 1937 film “The Firefly”)

There’s a song in the air
But the fair senorita doesn’t seem to care
For the song in the air
Oh, I’ll sing to the mule
If you’re sure she won’t think that I am just a fool
Serenading a mule

Amigo mio, does she not have a dainty bray?
Que, esta?
She listens carefully to each little tune you play
Oh, la bella senorita!
Si, si, mi muchachito
She’d love to sing it too if only she knew the way
But try as she may, in her voice there’s a flaw
And all that the lady can say
Is hee-haw-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w
Senorita, donkey’s feet are
Not so fleet as a mosquito
But so sweet like my chiquita
You’re the one for me!

Favorite Recordings

Alan Jones – Jeanette MacDonald – Firefly Video
Artie Shaw
The Andrews Sisters and Glenn Miller
Tennessee Ernie Ford