Parodies, puns and assorted doodles inspired by favored tunes

A Place in the Sun

1966 (Stevie Wonder) written by Ronald N. Miller, Bryan Wells

Like a long lonely stream
I keep runnin’ towards a dream
Movin’ on, movin’ on
Like a branch on a tree
I keep reachin’ to be free
Movin’ on, movin’ on

‘Cause there’s a place in the sun
Where there’s hope for everyone
Where my poor restless heart’s gotta run
There’s a place in the sun
And before my life is done
Gotta find me a place in the sun

Like an old dusty road
I get weary from the load
Movin’ on, movin’ on
Like this tired troubled earth
I’ve been rollin’ since my birth
Movin’ on, movin’ on

Favorite Recordings

Stevie Wonder
The Young Rascals
Eric Marienthal
Tom Jones & Stevie Wonder